Participants will be part of an active learning environment where the large tutor to student ratio (4:1) allows for personalized tutorials and debates.
The toolset of AA Istanbul includes but is not limited to Rhinoceros, Processing, and Grasshopper, as well as analysis software.
Participants have access to digital fabrication tools such as 3-axis CNC router, laser-cutter, and 3d-printer.
Design seminars and lecture series will support the key objectives of the programme, disseminating fundamental design techniques and relevant critical thinking methodologies.


Participants will gain an understanding of formation processes in nature, coupled with core concepts related to complexity. basic and advanced tutorials on generative design algorithms and analysis tools will be provided. Building on its core methodology from its previous versions, AA Istanbul VS will perform as a team-based workshop promoting collaboration and research. Participants will be introduced to advanced fabrication techniques.

Stage 02

Participants will propose design interventions based on the skills and knowledge gained during the first stage. Design proposals will investigate the brief of the programme around specific design parameters. Study models of various scales will be produced. Finally, the fabrication and assembly of  a full scale working prototype unifying the design goals of the brief will be realized as the programme re-organizes into one large team with participants and tutors.


Design Studios :: Technical Tutorials :: Lectures

The programme is organized as one complete design unit led by tutors from the AA and Bilgi University. The brief is explored with the aim of offering new forms of experimental architectural knowledge, critical thinking, and design research.


Team Based Design :: Learning by Experimentation

The programme is organized around the concept of experimentation. The outcomes do not present themselves as ultimate answers to the design problems, but as part of an ongoing process of design experimentation.


Computation :: Digital Fabrication

One of the major goals of AA Istanbul Visiting School 2015 is to demonstrate the continuity of the workflow between computational software and digital assembly procedures leading to large-scale physical fabrication.