In 2016, AA Athens Visiting School carried forward the research on the philosophy of phenomenology as a starting point in the architectural design. Structures of consciousness experienced from the first-person point of view were coupled with the study shapes in action.

The experience of or about an architectural object was the main actor as the central structure of experience of the user’s space. Assessing the how things are made and exist as active players in shaping their environment was achieved via digital computation. Forms and structures were then created with an aim to alter the feeling of their surrounding by being put into motion.

A series of morphologies were designed, informed by biomimetic form-finding methods through a bottom-up approach via various coding techniques. A set of 1:1 scale structures was put together, enabling experience of built space and of building materials in their sensory aspects as a result of a series of initial testing models. These proposals were created through the combination of different software including among other Processing and Rhino Grasshopper.


Programme Director: Alexandros Kallegias Host Coordinator: Evaggelos Kanellopoulos Visiting School Director: Christopher Pierce

Tutors: Eirini Vouliouri, Elina Pattichi, Alexandros Kallegias, Alejandro Garcia Gadea, Qiao Zhang, Arsenios Zachariadis, Ioanna Siviti

Students: Georgios Nikolaos Kampanis, Efstathios Damtsas, Stelios Andreou, Alexandra Marantidou, Ioanna Tatli, Georgios Kontominas, Aikaterini Myserli, Konstantinos Chountas, Sofia Maria Maraki, Tipp Bongers, Sofia Georgia Tzereme, Christos Koufidis, Evangelia Lavranou, Elena Ioannidou, Ilia, Vera Politopoulou, Nikolina Georgieva, Athanasios Vagias, Nikoleta Mougkasi, Panagiotis Kakampouras, Alexandros Paradissis, Myrsini Karabali, Elias Daoutakos, Anastasia Gkavezou, Eugene Stais, Emil Pop
Image Credits: Alice Mangoyan, Christos Thrasivoulou