Following the initial challenge of amplifying connectivity, adjustability and interaction for its Correlations cycle, AA Athens Visiting School scales up its design intentions in order to investigate links among discrete individual architectural systems in its 2013 version, Recharged.

Recharged with interconnectivity on different levels, the theme of investigation will revolve around the design of semi-independent design prototypes acting together to form elaborate unified results. The driving force in Cipher City: Recharged is the synergistic effect behind complex form-making systems where interactive design patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple rules.

What would happen if a structure could transform in real‐time? AA Athens Visiting School embarks on its’ second cycle to address issues of change, adaptation and interaction in the design of an enclosed volume. In this time of social, economic, and environmental uncertainty, it’s a quality for the built environment to regard transformation as a way of practice.

Revolutions have occurred through architectural history and vary widely in terms of design methods and fabrication techniques. Focusing on inspiring natural form‐finding techniques, AA Athens VS works towards producing a large‐scale interactive prototype that alters in real‐time the perception of interior space.

Technology and architecture are coupled for the second year in Athens with a novel agenda of transforming an enclosed area and creating internal contrasting city‐life characteristics that transcend the local conditions. In collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens, Cipher City: Revolutions explores participatory design and active engagement modeling and continues building novel prototypes upon horizontal planes.

In 2013, the design agenda of AA Athens connects with the agenda of AA Greece VS in the city of Patras.


Programme Director: Alexandros Kallegias
Host School Coordinator: Dimitris Papalexopoulos, Giorgos Parmenidis
Visiting School Director: Christopher Pierce

Tutors: Alexandros Kallegias, Elif Erdine, Dağhan Çam, Enrique Ramos, Anna Laskari, Tassos Kanellos

Students: Maryam Altaf, Myrto Maria Barbaris, Georgios Berdos, Nora Demjaha , Alexandros Fotiadis, Iason Giraud, Erato Choli, Roubini Hadjicosti, Danai Ioannidi , Vasileios Ioannidis, Ioannis Kanakas, Canay Kara, Sofia Kasapantoniou, Dafni Lasithiotaki, Georgios Lavantsiotis, Ioana Cristina Nan, Solon Predaris Papagath,Vagia Pantou, Maria Papadopoulou, Oleg Raspopov, Ioanna Rammou, Kyriaki Spanou, Antonios Thodis, Danae Tsakoumaki, Sibelle Urben, Natalia Vitzilaiou, Christina Voutou, Ioli Zavitsanou.

Image Credits: Alexandros Kallegias, Elif Erdine.